Integrated Loop Technology ILT

ILT is a process that combines the structural composite component with a joining component. All in a single automated fibre placement process. The result is a joint that is integral to the structure.

• Efficient material use – can eliminate carbon fibre reinforced patches or over-laminated joints.

• Reduced machining – joint hole designed into the ILT filament placement process.

• Reduced overall production and labour time – higher productivity, lower part costs achievable.

• Stronger joints – specifically parts with tension or bending stresses.


Application Examples


EV emergency charge battery cradle

• Lightweight modular structure consisting of repeated ILT connectors and tubes produce using an automated process.

• Easy assembly.

• 30% – 40% lighter than steel structure.


Bike frame front triangle

• Strong joining method with efficient use of carbon.

• Reduced secondary bonding and over-laminating.

• Reduced surface finishing and faring.

• Consistent quality of part.


Lightweight tactical ladder

Compared with the standard tube assembly technique.

• 50% fewer parts in assembly.

• 40% fewer production operations.

• 40% reduced total production time.


Other Applications

• Automation handling concept

• Linkage struts, kinematics

• Frame systems

• Driveshaft

• Hydraulic cylinders

• Hydraulic cylinders





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