Advantages for Machine Building… of using Carbon Graphite Passive Damping Composite.


Material Property

  • Low mass
  • High Damping
  • High Stiffness
  • Stiffness Direction Controllable
  • Temperature Coefficient
  • Good Heat Transfer
  • Low mass
Machine Benefit

  • Superior Dynamic Performance
  • Better acceleration and Faster
  • More accurancy
  • Zero Expansion
  • Temperature Stability
  • Less Energy Requirement
  • Smaller Motor


The fibre is expensive per kg, …but comparing an equivalent stiffness steel beam it is only about 4 times the cost of steel and the benefits and manufacturing savings will often erode this premium.


The Benefit of greater machine productivity, greater accuracy, lower energy consumption, and smaller motor and part sizes.  Saving on transport & installation costs.  Some parts may become light enough to not need handling equipment.

Because the manufacturing process is additive and many features can be built in the process,  it could be that the Composite part is more cost effective to manufacture.

The benefit is more likely to be seen over the whole life costs of a carbon fibre component and this needs to be pointed out when selling a product containing a carbon fibre component(s)


  • Laser cutter going 30% faster
  • Automation  Press line producing 27% more
  • In Line Press going 30% faster on average.

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