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Standard Graphite Fibre Square Beams

CompoTech has launched a new range of graphite carbon fibre composite beams which can be specified in place of steel.

New Breed of Composite Tooling

CompoTech has developed range of composite structures that can improve machine tool performance and components that can expand machine capabilities.

Composite Beam Profiles for Frame Assembly

CompoTech has developed a composite design and production technology that is increasing speed and efficiency on production lines world wide.  In cooperation with Bilsing Automative,  a composite beam structure is now in production, specifically for press line automation.

Composite Gantry for increased width cutting table

The innovative composite gantry beam, at 4.2 meters total length, allows the cutter deal with high speeds and fast acceleration.

EMUGE Carbon Chuck saves 82% energy

Chuck application allows clamping of a fly wheel for machining using centrifugal forces.

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