Composite connected beam used for T-boom
Written by Humphrey Carter on July 30, 2020 in feature News

CompoTech has launched a new standard range of lightweight graphite carbon fibre (CF) epoxy composite beams in a square shaped options and sizes, which can be specified in place of steel.

The standard beams are produced using CompoTech’s innovative automated, robot assisted, filament placement technique, which places continuous fibres axially along the beam length. The result is a high strength carbon epoxy composite beam with 10 – 15% higher stiffness in the axial direction and up to 50% greater bending strength compared to a conventional filament wound beam with the same dimensions. 

All CompoTech beams are produced with automated filament placement and precision press moulded using a wet, two part epoxy resin system. Curing is a two stage process, first at room temperature to remove any residual stresses during moulding that can cause deformation over time, then post mould curing in an oven. Compared with pultrusion, the pressing technique used by CompoTech provides a precision CF epoxy beam with very high dimensional accuracy and a close tolerance surface finish, which typically does not require costly CNC finish machining.   

Growing Market Demand

CompoTech’s main capabilities comprise of offering optimised designed composite laminate and structure design to meet a customer’s specific requirements. However, the new range is based on the growing demand for popular sizes of CompoTech composite beams from manufacturers of automated robot lines, handling equipment and machine systems. The outstanding properties of CompoTech’s carbon composite beams has enabled modular industrial tooling system producers, such as Bilsing Automation, to replace much heavier steel and aluminium beams, providing significant production benefits such as:

  • Faster operating speeds and higher productivity
  • Less vibration and more rapid damping
  • Heavier load handling capabilities on the same line
  • Lower energy consumption and lifetime operating costs
  • Easy assembly for structures needing bolted connections

Successful applications in the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, metrology, marine, and sports equipment market sectors for CompoTech products include: industrial machine tool beams; drive shafts; automated automotive press line T-booms, structural frames and crossbars; crop sprayer booms; aerospace structures; yacht masts and spars; composite bike frames.

Range Overview

The choice of standard square beam options includes hollow cornered ‘bolt together’ connector beams to extend length, and beams designed with reinforced corners for added stiffness, damping and load bearing performance. 

Standard square beams are available in sizes from 60mm x 60mm x 5mm wall thickness, weighing 1.7 kg/m, with an E Modulus in the axial direction of 196 GPa, up to the largest beam 200mm x 200mm x 8mm, weighing 4.19kg/m, with E Modulus of 210 GPa, matching tool steel.  The stiffest

design achieves an impressive E Modulus of 327 GPa, which is 69% stiffer than stainless steel (193 GPa) and 56% stiffer than tool steel (210 GPa).  Square beam lengths vary from between 2.3 – 5.0 metres depending on the size, as detailed in the catalogue.

The standard beams are available quantities from one-off to multiple batch orders. On request, CompoTech will look to add additional sizes to the standard round and square beam ranges, as well as continuing to offer its bespoke design and manufacturing service for industrial beams and other CF composite components to meet specific customer requirements.         

Established Supplier

CompoTech’s production, design engineering and R & D facilities are located in Sušice in the south west of the Czech Republic. Key investments have been made in recent years in 6-axis fibre placement technology and in-house rapid tool making capabilities using 3D printing. The company has a proven track record, with over 25 years’ experience  in the design, manufacture and supply of a wide variety of lightweight, vibration damped, carbon fibre epoxy composite cylindrical and rectangular composite components for automated lines and industrial machine systems.

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