Carbon tube with cross-wound winding pattern
Written by Humphrey Carter on July 28, 2020 in feature News

CompoTech have launched a range of standard composite round tubes with a catalogue giving general design information and engineering data.

Despite offering optimised designed composite laminate and structure design to meet a customer’s specific requirements.  The new range is based on the growing demand for popular sizes of CompoTech composite tubes. The catalogue gives a limited range of the wide choice of tooling sizes and capabilities and offers purchaser and designers some choices of what is available.

The carbon fibre tubes are engineered to have good all round stiffness properties whilst also taking full advantage CompoTech’s Axial Fibre Placement process. This means the fibre is placed along the length of the tube under tension. Placing fibres straight in the direction of the gives increased bending stiffness and strength compared to wound fibre tubes or fabric wrapped tubes.

• Tube size

Our range of mandrel tools available dictate the internal diameter (ID) and length of the tube. Outer diameter (OD) is a function of the wall thickness. Other sizes of tubes are available from our stock of mandrels and we can source a special size of tool if necessary. Please contact us if required

• Laminate

The layup for standard laminate gives an E modulus of 90GPa. This is achieved using a good balance of true 0deg axial fibres, +/-45deg fibres for shear and torsion and 90deg for wall stability in bending. The filament placement and winding process allows laminate selection to properties to optimise strength, stiffness, weight and cost to your need.

• Properties

Each tube is given a set of engineering properties to guide the user for the stiffness capabilities.

• Surface Finish

Surface can be tape finish of peel ply. With options of painted and bespoke winding pattern on request.

view the Catalogue of Standard Products 

For prices or further information please contact us.