Light Weight Rescue Ladder

CompoTech has developed a complete composite ladder solution in collaboration partner HQH System P.r.o. to produce the Ladcarb system.

The  ladder is required to be stiff enough to allow a person to walk across it as a makeshift bridge, strong enough to be used while being hung vertically.  It is also required to be disassembled and carried in a back-pack.  CompoTech’s  Axial Fibre Laying Technology together with unique design assure high durability, light weight, maximum performance in bending and unbelievable versatility of this product.

The 4.6 m long ladder consists of 4 segments which can be quickly and easily dismantled into single parts fitting into a dedicated bag for storage or transport and assembled on location.

Extensive testing and development have been undertaken both in the laboratory and by professional users. Due to its structural characteristics, the ladder was successfully certified in accordance with the EN-BS 1147 Standard as a rescue and access ladder for professional use.

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