Machine Tool Applications

If you are Milling, measuring or cutting, applying carbon composites to the moving machine structure can increase accuracy, efficiency and performance.

Carbon Fibre with damped Composites are capable of providing Less Mass, Greater Stiffness and up to 12 times better damping than steel.  With this in mind CompoTech adopted a strategy to bring these properties to components for Machine Building.

Carbon Gantry or Y-axis Carriage

High speed cutting, placement or measuring machines require light weight and high stiffness for optimum performance.

Dynamic loads on these beams suit the functional properties of the placed carbon fibre.

The increase in stiffness to weight ratio can influence the whole machine design to allow longer cross-beams for a larger workable area.

Analysis of the natural frequency is also made to increase working speeds.

The addition of damping into the composite can allow greater jerk and acceleration of the beam whilst keeping the stability of the carriage head.

Carbon Z-Axis or Ram

Designed to be the equivalent or higher stiffness than current steel Rams at 1/4 of the weight. Increased damping properties, up to 12 times that of steel,

The performance and productivity of machining can be improved.

Silicon wafer placement with carbon bridge
Silicon wafer placement machine with carbon y-axis carriage
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