Machine Building

Carbon Fibre Passively Damped Composites are capable of providing Less Mass, Greater Stiffness and up to 20 times better damping than steel.  With this in mind CompoTech adopted a strategy to bring these properties to components for Machine Building as early as 2005.  It has been a long road,  but the theory is now proving itself.

Machines are Dynamic.

Vibration from accelerating parts, vibrations from milling teeth and the harmonics of a cutting tool are the limiting factor in their performance and productivity. Every part and combinations of parts have their Natural frequencies.

Natural Frequency ∝ Density / E-Modulus

Vibrations and their decay are dependent on the Mass, Stiffness and Damping of the components of the machine.



Carbon Graphite Composite can deliver:-

  • 1/4 of the Mass of Steel
  • 20 x the Damping of Steel
  • 2 x the E-Modulus of Steel
  • Zero Thermal Expansion in 1 direction

With diligent design it is possible to improve the performance and productivity of many machines.

  • Gantry Machines,  Z-Axis,
  • Gantry Machines,  HSC
  • Gantry Machines,  First trial machine in production at CompoTech
  • High Speed Gantry,   Laser Cutting
  • High Speed Gantry,   Post Print processing,  Packaging
  • High Speed Cantilever,
  • Spindle Motor,  Spindle Shafts
  • Spindle Motor,  Spindle Motor Casing
  • Tooling,  Tool Holder
  • Tooling,  Tool
  • Tooling,  Work Holding
  • Tooling,  Long Shafts
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