Composite Spindle Shafts

Why use carbon graphite spindle shafts?

Carbon composite spindle shaft can not only remove critical weight at the machine head but also has demonstrated the added benefits of:

  • Zero thermal expansion,
  • High dynamic stiffness and reduced vibration allowing increased rpm of the cutting head.

This hybrid carbon-metal technology has led to development of other end of tool applications including: tool holder, chuck and even the cutting tool itself.

FUKUDA Spindle Shafts


  • Zero Axial Expansion
  •  Light weight
  • Dynamic Stiffness
  • Reduce Vibration

Status: Successfully tested by Fukuda

Electro spindle

Compared to steel original:

  • 10 x less thermal expansion
  • 5 x better damping
  • 3 x lower mass
  • equivalent bending stiffness
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