The transfer of parts through an automated production line can be improved with light-weight carbon composite frame structures. Compotech has developed and optimised structures for stiffness / weight and damping to improve production line speeds.

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CompoTech have worked exclusively with Bilsing Automation since the Year 2000.  Close collaboration has resulted in structures specific to their industry needs.  This partnership has resulted composite automation structures being being produced for car manufacturers worldwide.  See Bilsing List of reference companies

Products in use include gripper frames used for body shop transfers, destacking beams, T-slot beams in transfer presses and telescopic crossbars.

Frame components are manufactured from carbon and graphite fibre with a high quality pressed surface and corner finish.  The standard section profile design, with braced corners, allow for aluminium threaded inserts.  This means a simple bolted connection can be made without bonding whilst adding stability to the whole section.

Damped composite sandwich sidewalls increase the damping performance of the beam up to 20 times.

Carbon composite parts have increased the productivity in automated press room, body shop and injection moulding, as well as other operations, by up to 40 %.

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