Written by Humphrey Carter on July 19, 2017 in feature News

Increased Capacity, Reduced Wastage

CompoTech is adding to it’s production capacity.  A new AFL production line with robot to assisted the fibre laying is now online.  All machinery and software related to the fibre laying has been developed by CompoTech.  The winding program then communicates with a 6 axis robotic arm for fibre manipulation .   It is a dramatic process design change which opens up many new production capabilities, better quality as well as cost saving.   The later due to better pre pressed consolidation on flat surfaces reduced off-cut wastage.

Automated Production

Technical director Vitek Sprdlik explained that  “There are many advantages to being able to control the fibre in this way.  We expect that we will discover new ones as we work more with it.  CompoTech is always looking to improve our process and look to new developments.  We chose to use this technology in line with our own winding software so that we are not totally reliant on a third party.  Using this approach means we also have the knowledge in house for further development.  This is basis of increased automated processes throughout the production which is where we target the future of our composite manufacturing.”