Written by Humphrey Carter on October 15, 2018 in feature News

In the last year CompoTech has worked on many developments within the defence sector.  Ultimately to apply the properties of carbon fibre, stiffness and light weight, to the performance and increase the usability and function of a wide range of parts.  This includes RPG and rifle barrels as well as ATV bridges.  In each case we have worked with the customer to develop a process and test for production the semi product which is finished and sold by our customer.


CZ Guns and CompoTech have developed a precision rifle with composite hybrid core with respect to specific user groups.  The main requirement stiffness and light weight with the ability of efficient heat dispersion which can aid the shot accuracy.  All of this, ideally, while maintaining other useful features such as durability, drop resistance.


STV Rocket Launcher

Specification: Produce a functional version of carbon RPG 7.

Lightweight weapons – Contemporary metal RPG 7 have 6.5kg Results: we achieved a weight of 4.2kg, currently the RPG is at IDEB 2018.

This RPG must withstand 500 shots without damage.

Continuing our work with HQH systems and following on from the successful lad carb project.  This time the application is for the ATV vehicle bridge.  The bridge is lightweight sections stored on the back of the ATV for deployment when needed.  The main criteria is the stiffness and strength to withstand the weight of the ATV and driver.