geschrieben von Humphrey Carter auf Oktober 14, 2021 im Veranstaltungen

CompoTech (Stand U84) showcasing innovative carbon composite components and automated processing technologies at Advanced Engineering UK 2021

Over the last 25 years, Compo Tech PLUS, spol. s r.o. has established itself as an innovative composite solutions provider. The company specialises in providing CFRP machine tool and automation solutions as an alternative to steel and aluminium to reduce weight, increase stiffness, improve damping and significantly increase productivity, while reducing overall manufacturing costs.  Recent customer project examples include:

  • 78% reduced machining time with a new design steel-CF composite hybrid four disc milling tool.
  • Up to 30% faster automated press line throughput speed using lighter robot arm CFRP manipulation structures that vibrate less.

CompoTech has proprietary automated fibre placement production facilities, in-house R & D process development and design engineering expertise, 3D printed tooling and CNC machining. These extensive capabilities enable CompoTech to create and manufacture to order a wide variety of standard and bespoke lightweight, vibration-damped, carbon fibre epoxy composite components.

The CompoTech team applies a fresh thinking composites process approach to finding innovative structural design solutions, with a major R & D focus on improving the performance of automated lines and industrial machines systems.  The knowledge and expertise gained from successful process development projects and the production of high precision, dynamic machine and automation systems is transferrable across a wide cross-section of industries, which includes: aerospace, agriculture, defence, automotive, mass transport, bicycles and leisure marine.

Recent automated process innovations developed by CompoTech include: integrated loop fibre joint technology (ILT) for stronger, more economical epoxy carbon structural joints; JEC Aerospace Innovation award-winning carbon composite aileron one-step-cure production technology that requires no secondary bonding. CompoTech also offers process technologies that are installed as a complete automated system, with full service and support.

If you wish to speak with us at the Advanced Engineering show you can register to attend here