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If thermal stability is required, the composite part can be designed accordingly.

Graphite Fibre has a slight negative coefficient of thermal expansion in the direction of the fibre.  This property can be used to make a tube with zero thermal expansion whilst also retaining the stiffness and light weight properties.  This can be a used to great effect within measurement and machine tool applications.  For example:

Compensation Rods

Machine tool compensation for steel thermal expansion is required for accurate machining.  A composite “Zero Expansion Compensation Tube”, whose length is unaffected by heat, can be used as a base marker for software can account for this.  The larger the machine and the more accurate the desired result,  the more necessary it is to fit a CompoTech Zero Expansion Tube on each of the main steel components.  This can mean also the need for intricate cooling systems within the machine is lower.

Motor Shafts

CompoTech have made motor shafts that have all the necessary properties and zero thermal expansion whilst achieving the stiffness requirements and reducing weight.  The result can be a longer life span of the motor and its bearings.

Zero Thermal Expansion Cube

zero thermal expansion cube was made for very delicate microscopy.

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