Composite breakaway spray boom tip
Written by Humphrey Carter on January 10, 2017 in feature News
Composite Development Partnership

CompoTech has partnered with agricultural manufacturer, Hardi International, to develop composite spray boom components.  Hardi specialises in agricultural spraying technology producing a range of sprayers of different sizes up to 51m both trailered and self propelled.  Based in Denmark, they have a global market and are part of the Excel Industries group.

Composite Spray Boom

The first component developed was the spray boom tip section, called the breakaway.   The existing aluminium design was from a 36m boom and 2.5m in length.  The composite replacement is 4m in length with the same all up weight including spray equipment and fluid.  The deflection characteristics also compare with the aluminium design.  The composite design consists of both high strength carbon and ultra high modulus graphite fibres.  This means the total boom length is extended to 39m.  The boom can be fitted to the same propulsion unit and have the same load footprint.  The composite part has the added benefit of better corrosion and fatigue behaviour.  It also can be repaired easily on site with a designated repair kit if the ground or object strikes the breakaway tip, causing a breakage.