JEC composite Innovation award
Written by Humphrey Carter on November 14, 2019 in News

Compo Tech has been announced the winner of the aerospace category of JEC Asia Innovation Award for the Composite Aileron, cured in one step.

Composite Aileron

The innovative composite aileron was developed with partner company AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. for the new L-39NG trainer jet. 

The novelty of the innovation is in both the process; applying of robot assisted filament  laying for automated production of wing structures, and the structure, moving away from traditional moulded skin bonded to a bulkhead. 

Having the outer skin fibres continuous around the whole structure increases the overall structural integrity. Combined with the fact that that there is no core material or secondary bonding required the homogenous structure has less risk of delamination. Having undergone simulated load and pressure tests the part was used for the L-39NG’s first flight late in December 2018.

Head of Business Development, Dr. Humphrey Carter, thanked the JEC and the Judging panel for the award, he said that ” The recognition will help drive further innovation from Compo Tech.” Dr. Robin Poul, Head of Analytical Design, thanked the project partners, Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE, and their ambition to take our ideas and aply it for the  real jet aircraft.

Composite Innovation award for Aerospace

Composite Innovation award for Aerospace.

The manufacturing process, being automated, can be licenced and installed on site or according to a customer’s requirement. This can be achieved with CompoTech’s technology support and without the need for multiple processes and the specific composite skills required.

Composite innovation award