Milling Speeds 78% Quicker

A new composite four-disc milling cutter increases both the cutting speed and feed rate.. The result is a high productivity hybrid milling tool that can operate 78% faster on the same milling centre than a standard steel two-disc cutter.

Composite Battery Cradle

The structure is a is made from repeated Integrated Loop Technology (ILT) connection beams and round tubes for onsite emergency charging using expired auto-bus batteries.

Standard Graphite Fibre Square Beams

CompoTech has launched a new range of graphite carbon fibre composite beams which can be specified in place of steel.

Standard Composite Round Tubes – Catalogue Released

CompoTech have launched a range of standard composite round tubes with a new catalogue.

Composite Medical Protective Helmet

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis CompoTech began development on a special and unique protective helmet from carbon fibre composite.

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