Composites structure in cutting machine
Written by Rory Carter on January 16, 2016 in feature News

Carbon Composite Gantry

Composite Gantry

Esko uses a composite gantry to allow wider cutting formats

Increased Cutting Width

CompoTech’s Graphite fibre composites technology allows a 3.2m cutting width of the Esko’s Kongsberg C print media cutting table.   The composite gantry or traverse beam is long enough to allow today’s large format printing size without compromising on performance.

Improved Cutting Speed and Accuracy

The innovative composite gantry beam, at 4.2 meters total length, allows the Kongsberg C cutter deal with high speeds and fast acceleration.   The high torsional and bending stiffness, due to the carbon / graphite material, makes it possible to maintain a consistent accuracy on all materials.  It also minimizes deflection when carrying heavy tooling or creasing with high down-force.  Inherent damping in the structure improves the accuracy of cutting and also significantly decreases noise levels produced by the drive mechanism.

CompoTech’s lightweight carbon/graphite composite traverse provides the fastest working throughput. Because of the composite technology, the Kongsberg C delivers consistent precision in cutting and routing compared to competitors using aluminium or steel gantry designs.

Compatible Components

The design uses the shares many components to smaller width aluminium gantry.  This is due to the gantry design  having a common outside profile design as other cutter gantries produced by Esko.  This brings advantages of reducing stock inventory of components in production and can reduce related purchasing costs.