Composites in machine structures

How to increase machine performance, operating speeds and accuracy

Carbon fibre reinforced composite materials offer significant machine performance, efficiency, quality and lifecycle cost benefits. Yet the adoption of composites in the manufacturing sector has been slow, due to unfamiliarity amongst design engineers of their properties and value for money.

The reality is that composite parts can play a vital role in revolutionising machine performance; particularly CompoTech’s  highly automated manufacturing process with axial fibre placement – developed to allow a combination of carefully engineered characteristics to be designed into each beam.

Read our whitepaper to find out more about the revolutionary characteristics of carbon fibre reinforced composite. In particular:

  • The advantages of axial fibre composites, and how these differ from other materials and processes;
  • Axial fibre placement and related manufacturing processes – how they work, their advantages and ability to be adapted for volume manufacturing;
  • Areas of application and the benefits of composites for improving, for example, speed of manufacture, productivity and quality;
  • The cost benefits associated with carbon fibre and the significant savings.

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