Company History

CompoTech was founded in 1995 by Ondrej Uher and Vítek Šprdlík now the company’s Research & Development Director and Technical Director respectively.

With experience in the theoretical and practical aspects of composite engineering and manufacturing, Ondrej and Vítek believed that improvements could be made to the traditional filament winding process through careful and thorough research, analysis and application to the production environment.

This philosophy of combining strong R&D with extensive application knowledge has driven the business over the past years, and will continue to do so into the future.



CompoTech Plus spol s r.o. founded by Ondrej and Vítek


Rory Carter forms CompoTech Plus Ltd in the UK, and takes on the responsibility for sales and distribution, enabling Ondrej and Vítek to focus on the technical aspects.


Vladislav Ptašnik joins CompoTech’s Czech office as Production Manager


All functions and roles now operate under the unified company of CompoTech Plus spol s r.o., reducing the administration layers and enabling Rory Carter to concentrate on business development and improved customer service.


CompoTech embraces the internet as a home for external offices.  Robin Paul based in CVUT Technical University of Prague.


CompoTech in the CZ acquires land for a new factory in Sušice.


CompoTech moves into the new factory.


Awarded ISO 900: 2008 certificate.


Compotech celebrate 20th anniversary.


Robot assisted filament laying machine gives additional capacity and improves quality.

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