Careers at CompoTech
CompoTech is a composite design and manufacturing centre based in Susice, near to Klatovy, in the Czech Bohemia region on the edge of the Sumava National Park.  We are medium sized company with around 70 people and growing.  The team at CompoTech are both interesting and friendly with a broad range of interests.  Many of them take advantage of the easy access of the nearby nature and all that it can offer in sport and vitality.  The area is especially fun for families with children of all ages.  Susice has good schools and parks and provides a fantastic environment to grow up in.


We are always looking for smart, enthusiastic people to join our team; both in the design, admin as well as the in production.  If you are interested to know more or wish us to consider your resumé please get in touch through our contact form.









Why Work at CompoTech
– Latest technologies, interesting projects, unique products


As pioneers and visionaries in the field of composite materials processing, we focus on unique technologies and practices that our staff puts into practice every day.
– Czech company with customers all over the world
We design and produce for customers all over Europe and as well as Asia and North America
.  We also have small office in the UK.
– Application in many fields
We are not focused on one industry, you will experience your knowledge in engineering, sports, automotive, agriculture, energy and more.
– Possibility of personal development
We support our employees in their personal development. Everyone has the possibility of further education and progress within the company.
– A friendly environment, a work – life balance
We spend a third of our lives at work and we know that we have good results when we enjoy work, we work in a pleasant environment, and we have time for family and out-of-work activities.  The company also encourages some team sports as well as being active in supporting local events.

Vacancy List




We are looking for a machine operator to join the Compotech team.  Compotech operates a number of fibre winding machines which require operators on a shift basis.  The job will involve working with carbon fibre and resin, however no prior knowledge or experience with these materials is necessary.  The work is varied due to the number of different products being produced.  The job is based on a 3 shift day with pay of +20% in afternoon shift and +40% on the night shift.  Your day-to-day duties may include: 

  • reading work instruction sheets
  • setting up tooling, the machine and its controls
  • operating cutting and lifting equipment
  • keeping record of production and checking product quality
  • reporting production problems to supervisors
  • moving finished products to storage and packing areas
  • monitoring stock levels
  • keeping work areas clear of waste off-cuts and other hazards
  • assembly of multi-part products by gluing, centering, puttying
  • packaging of finished products to be dispatched



Our team is looking for lathe operator for industrial components made of composite materials.  We work a 2 shift operation with +20% pay for late shift hours.  Your everyday tasks will include:


  • Machining of parts according to technical drawings and technological procedures
  • Preparation of the production process – preparation and adjustment of the machine, inspection of the first piece
  • Continuous measurement of machined parts according to technical documentation
  • Continuous check of the state of the machines and tools
  • Replacement of filters and emptying of the suction device
  • Maintaining order in the workplace



We are looking for assembly workers to join the morning shift to our assembly team. You will work with carbon fiber products, but we do not require previous practice. If you are manually skilled, we’ll teach you everything. Work is very diverse due to diverse products for many industries. Your everyday duties will include:
• assembly of products – activities related to the preparation and finishing of winding profiles ie lamination, gluing, grinding, drilling, cutting and subsequent assembly according to production protocols and drawing documentation
• assembly of multi-part products by gluing, centering



For our production team we are looking for a skilled locksmith with basic knowledge in the field of pneumatics and hydraulics. Your everyday duties will include:
• assembly and locksmith work
• maintenance and completion of production preparations
• maintenance of the machinery
• Regular inspection of machinery and equipment
• maintenance of the building equipment
• Assistance when assembling



Warehouse and expedition worker
Our team in warehouse, quality control and shipping looking persons with a forklift driver licence to join the morning shift. Among your daily responsibilities will be:
• receiving, dispensing and recording material for storage material
• receipt, delivery and stock records of finished products
• measurement and inspection of products and their records (surface, strength, lengths, diameters, deflections, etc.)
• packing and shipping products
• weekly stock inventory
• Supervision of inventory stock for production


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