About CompoTech

CompoTech provide competitive advantage in structural composite tubes to the world’s leading companies in a variety of industries.  We are a composite manufacturing company with expertise in Technically Advanced, Damped, Composite Beams, Tubes and their Connections.

We help our customers to develop market opportunities and work with them to enhance their products and maximise their cost benefits.  This is achieved by optimizing the composite tube, it’s production technology, and the use of materials.

CompoTech Design and Manufacture Structural Composite Sectional industrial components,  and within this discipline are specialists in…

  • Innovation of structure
  • Innovation of composite
  • Innovation of manufacturing process

Innovation at CompoTech includes :-

  • 3Dc   Three Dimensional Cellular Composite
  • cDD   Composite Dynamic Damping
  • iCC    Integrated Composite Connections

CompoTech will to continue to expand knowledge in the Cellular, Damping, & Connectivity, Composite Sector and be the prime supplier of that knowledge.


Whats In a Tube

Found just about everywhere ….Industrial machinery, automotive vehicles, aerospace structures, marine. – A composite tube enables the performance of many structures or mechanical operations, and CompoTech has dedicated its efforts since 1995 to developing technology that makes this tube more effective. Whether that’s providing stiffness, strength, reducing weight, improving efficiency, or reducing cost.

Headfoil sections

Made from carbon, aramid and/or glass fibres, CompoTech’s tubes are highly engineered and are produced using the company’s unique zero degree axial fibre laying process. Although often compared to filament winding, CompoTech’s process differs by offering increased performance through higher mechanical properties, in particular higher bending stiffness and strength. This is achieved as a result of a thorough understanding of composite processes, and ongoing research, analysis and design.


These resources and skills enable CompoTech to be a solution provider, not just a tube manufacturer, so customers can rely on the supply of a part to match their needs, deadlines and costs.

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